TOP Language School is staffed by a team of qualified and well-experienced teachers who have been practicing novel approaches to locally advance a variety of globally proven teaching methods. TOP Language School aims to offer the highest standards of e-learning and accordingly has created a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), has invested in Flipped Instruction and follows a solid program to combine online digital media with traditional classroom methods (Blended Learning). TOP also adopts distance learning (ARAD), another innovative system of support sessions through phone calls for every single lesson in a form of Remote Collaborative Teaching (RCT) with the idea of having the learners immersed in their Target Language.

TOP Language School also introduces a pioneering Adaptive Placement Test based on the "Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)" accompanied by a ‘Personality Test’ to indicate both educational and psychological preferences of students to help our experts devise the most appropriate plan of action for students to learn their Target Language. The school also provides comprehensive preparation courses on IELTS and TOEFL exams, and introduces hierarchical ESP courses based on Organizational Charts both inside and outside Iran. To reach more satisfactory academic results, TOP intends to leverage learning through consistent incentives for its top students through 'student grants' or 'generous discounts' from its contracting parties.

Why choose TOP?

EduVacation: Mankind are not stationary creatures. We move often and as long as there is an exciting reason for it, we like moving. At Top Training Centre, science enthusiasts and history admirers can look forward to walking lessons and other types of language-related activities outside the traditional setting of a classroom. All you need to do is to find out where and when any of our many teachers, guides, and liaisons are posted and find your way there! We typically receive our adventurous learners at museums, historical sites, culturally significant places and occasionally a sporting country club.

EduTourism: We will take you those extra miles; times several hundred! Associates of Top Training Centre is proud to be your travel companions on educational and recreational trips exclusively organized for our clients. From accommodation and flights, down to the special needs of the individuals, we are happy to cater to all who gather for 1-8 weeks of learning and fun. The teachers and programs you will see are among the best in the world and will give an unforgettable experience.