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CELTA in Georgia

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TOP provides program and policy services designed to enable positive student and teacher outcomes at ETI (Education and Training International) in Georgia.


"It was a great time! This course gave me tons of new skills, techniques and of course new friends. CELTA is challenging and stressful at the beginning, but it works. It has changed my thinking mechanism, my lifestyle. I'd like to advice to everybody to try it. If you do it at ETI,Georgia, you will meet great people. Professional and patient tutors, very friendly administration and helpful and supportive staff are there. It's very easy to find it. I really enjoyed the course in ETI, Georgia as well as nice views of Tbilisi, great food and wine. Thanks you all, guys. Hope to see you again soon."

M. Aghamuradov - CELTA student

"The course is incredibly practical. Experienced and high qualified tutors contributed to the fact that the course was very beneficial for me. After a while, I became aware that, the tutors were using all the techniques they were teaching us in our input sessions themselves, so you are receiving both active and passive input in terms of how the tutors managed us trainees in the classroom. In addition to the extensive feedback we received from our tutors and peers, I also loved the little feedback notes we received from our students once we finished teaching each level…"

V. Khutsishvili - CELTA student